All-in-One Web-Based Presentation, Clicker, & Whiteboard System

All-in-One Presentation, Clicker & Whiteboard: The Next Generation of Free Cloud-Based Learning Management System at

In the past couple of decades, with the advent of the Digital Age, an increasing number of teaching methods has been created, explored, and documented in various studies. Beyond the traditional lecture style where the instructor simply write on a chalkboard, PowerPoint presentations were introduced to help make the lecture more efficient, while clickers were advertised to provide a mechanism for students to participate interactively in a flipped classroom setting. Different methods can be accommodated in a modern classroom, yet doing so can cause inconvenience for both the instructor and the students, which impedes the streamline of the lecture progress significantly.

Benefiting from the rapid development of mobile technology, we now provide the community with a cloud-based learning management system, the iStarClass system. The iStarClass system integrates multimedia presentation slides, handwritten notes, student response technology, and many more to provide one cohesive flipped classroom experience:

(1) Multimedia Presentation: iStarClass system allows the instructors to prepare presentation slides that contains texts, images, videos, and more! Instructors can also import various existing media types to the presentation (e.g., pdf, png, & jpeg).

(2) Handwritten Notes: instructors can write or draw on the presentation slides during the lecture, while students can view these handwritten notes in real time.

(3) Student Response Technology: A student response mechanism is incorporated within the presentation slides, which allows the students to participate freely during the lecture, as well as the instructors to view and record students’ responses, then analyze them for educational purposes.

(4) Cloud-Based File Storage Service: Every course comes with a class drive, where instructors can store and share course documents with the students.

The iStarClass system can function on any internet accessible devices (smart phones, Pads, PC’s, and Laptops). No hardware purchase or app download is necessary, and all of these comes with absolutely no cost! Designed and developed by teachers and education researchers, it is a tool to flip your classroom for improved learning effectiveness, convenience, and flexibility.